Raising a Nation of Laziness

9 07 2009

I have come to realize that I have become a victim of laziness.

For many years, I have gotten into the bad habit of “taking the summer off”.  This comes from the tradition of school out for two or three months.  My generation that was raised in the city communities have no idea what it means to work all year long.  In the city, we take vacations, find things for the kids to do, and perhaps do some yard work or clean house.

My grandmother was from the Midwest and grew up in a farming community.  Summer means to a farmer, time to do work all over the fields and tend to the farm.  Kids took the time off from school so that they could help the family.

Now, teens in the city communities   are looking for “work” so they can spend and consume.   Those that are still on farms, may or may not help so the crops can start to be harvested or the fields turned over.

My own children, as of 8:50 in the am, are still in bed because they did not wined down to go to sleep last night.  There will be some complaint because the chores will have to be done before playtime.

Even I’m procrastinating by writing this post, using the excuse that the dishwasher will need to be emptied by the girls, since that is one of their chores, before I can do anything in the kitchen.

And the cycle of procrastination and waiting for someone else to do the job continues.

“It’s summertime! It’s our vacation!”

High School Musical 2 gets it partially right.

But there are many of us who wish vacation would be daily. I know I’d rather sit around and not do anything, especially if it is hot.

I’ve been wondering lately if this was what was intend by God from the beginning.  A group of lazy people who THINK that they are to live a life of leisure and not do anything.

I once thought that once I got out of High School that I would not have do anything but go to collage and study for four more years and then someone would magically give me a job that would be fun.

I was one of those kids that was taught “to the test” in H.S.  and now I feel cheated out of what life is meant to be.  An Adventure.

I feel that most men my age have become too passive in life to deal with the challenges of the world around them.  Taking a “someone else will do it, I will cut myself off from dealing with anything but my family” attitude.

I feel the Spirit pulling me to go out on an adventure everyday, but the reality of family keeps me from doing what that pull wants to guide me.

“Money for Nothing” was a theme song for my life for a long time.  The reality of good hard work to attain a goal is lost.  I’ve always had a good work ethic and yet I don’t pursue the dream! So many kids today, just like when I was growing up, get the “things” they need right now, and then they pile up and just sit around doing no good.

I have so many ideas that I would love to have happen and I need to just attempt them and not worry about failure.  For failure can be good, because I will learn a lesson from that.  And my children learn about failure all the time in relating to each other.

I look at the life of Michael Jackson and see that he was never lazy when it came to performing.  That was his gift.  Now if I could just get my lazy ass out of the chair, quit reading and start living life, not that there is anything wrong with reading, but reading can make a person into a sloth.



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9 07 2009

You could also point out that the kids in HSM 2 did work during the summer.

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