The Interdepenance of the Kingdom

29 06 2009

A vision of what Christianity could be:

A religion as seen through Jesus’ eyes, not a religion about Jesus.

More and more are being drawn to this type of culture.  What if the Kingdom of God is not what we perceive but what He makes of it through us?

I’m reading a book called  “Culture Making” by Andy Crouch.  I’m only on Chapter 3 but I’m starting to see that the Kingdom is not all about a religion based on worshiping Jesus, but the faith of Jesus.

I’m starting to understand that in God’s Kingdom, better known as the world, there are many who are worshiping and serving the same God, that I call Father, but the culture shows how diverse the Father is.

Heaven or Hell is what you make it.  You can live a life that is full of wondrous mystery, or a living hell. A life of service to others or being self serving.  And both can work for a unified world.  But these two cultures will always at odds if they claim that their way is the way of God.

There is some other way, and I believe that we are learning HOW to be one with God.  That indwelling that Jesus has.

I recently had the experience of receiving the gift of tongues.  Now there are those that say that this was for just the first disciples at the Pentecost.  But I understand that not all will ask or even have this gift.  This is not a bad thing, it’s good. This type of experience makes us interdependent on each other.  For one who is now “crazy” because of this gift, you might have another that I don’t have and may not be able to have.  Even I don’t understand WHY I know this.

The ways of Man depends too much on us believing the lie of co-dependency.  That is damaging to everyone.  When you have someone else tell you and define you.  But when you see and have lived in a co-dependent relationship, you then learn how to be in an interdependent one.

I can not figure this out alone, it takes the Father, Jesus’ head, the Spirit and finding that through the Father’s expression of Himself, the human.

It takes other humans in the many cultures of the Kingdom to make the world over into the one true Kingdom.  To the eyes that I’m seeing now, to the words that come from my mouth that I don’t understand.

Last night my wife and I had a fight about what each of us is doing for Christ. We became very judgmental (and perhaps a bit mental)  and started accusing each other of not being in touch with the realities that each of us is seeing.

This morning I got an email about judgment.  I’m dependent on Christ to reveal wisdom to me.  And it was not from a page in the Bible.  I could tell this was Christ because it tugged at my very soul.

It took, by my linear thinking, a few hours to get the response to what was happening  between me and my wife.  I understand better now.

We need to be interdependent on each other, on the wisdom of the Father, Son and Spirit, and most of all, learn to listen to our Father, not only through our silent time of prayer, but through every moment, person, song, television, EVERYTHING in God’s whole creation.




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