Farewell to the King of Pop

25 06 2009

Michael Jackson is dead.

No matter what you may have though of him, he was an incredible artist and performer.  He brought much joy to the world .

Yes, he started to not make any sense and I do believe that the MJ that we grew up with in the 1980’s and 1990’s had left his body and, like Mary Magdalin, of the Bible, was possesed by something that was killing him.

I wish Mr. Jackson had really listened to his own songs like “Man In The Mirror”  and realized it was about his soul.  I could hear the hurt child that was longing for His Father.

For my genereation this day is just as dark as it was when Elvis was found dead.   But there is light. We can remember Mr. Jackson through his music.

Just as with Elvis and John Lennon, we can learn a great deal about ourselves and the One who created the world.

“A change can only come we stand together as one.”  -from “We Are The World”.

That may not be Biblical, but that sure sounds like what Christians are saying anymore about being of one mind, one body of Christ.  About getting back to the root.  Listen up!  That sounds like God talking.

For God will use and speak through those he wishes.  I believe that MJ was once a good man.  We are to love and stand by those who need to have Christ here now.  Not waiting till after death. There is only one God and even if MJ did not believe the same way, the one True God made him, as all of us.

You may not believe that Mr. Jackson is in heaven, I don’t think that really matters. What matters is that God believed  in Michael Jackson. He made him.

I hope before his heart gave out, that he saw Jesus and that Jesus welcomed him into his loving arms.  For even at the cross , Jesus forgave the other convicts.

Where were the “loving Christians” when MJ needed Christ?  It takes more than just sharing the “good news” of Jesus, it takes those who ARE in HIM to BE HIM!

In that Spirit, perhaps we would still have an artist who would have gone on a strange journey that made people hate him even more.

Jesus would not have run away from him . In fact, Jesus would not pay “lip service” to MJ and just say that he loved him.  He really would love him.  Because he was one of  the lost.

Farewell Mr. Jackson.




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