Blending Christianity

23 06 2009

I read too many books on the subject of change to the Church.  Well, I read another called Transforming Christianity by

Stephen Glauz-Todrank published back in 1996.

Within the book I found two lists that Stephen describes as the five basic impulses of the conservative and liberal Church.

I have believed for a long time, that Jesus was neither conservative or liberal but a mix , and will take these lists and combine the ideas together to see if there is the truth by the blending.

A combining or restoring of a conservative/liberal impulse is:

1) The belief that Scripture contains indispensable truth about life and that no one person or tradition is the sole bearer of Scriptural truth.

2)A passionate connection to faith in Christ and a passion for knowing Him  for oneself.

3) A wish to reach beyond the physical world to heaven while deeply caring   for the ethical treatment of other people and the earth

4) A faith that puts a priority on sharing the good news while being accepting of others beliefs.

5)An insistence on holding on to what has worked in the past but having a willingness to try new things.

This is  how I am able to function as Christ in the world. There is much to be learned from every part of the body, but for those in Christ we must remember who the “head” of the Church is.

I find myself believing that because of Jesus, we are a new creation, something that LOOKS human, but is something different, and yet still the same.  A reboot of humanity.  One that is willing to look past a person’s past and see the creation that God intended when they were first put on this earth.

I have gone from being a very conservative Christian to very liberal and understand that what Christ is, who Jesus is, because of the two sides.

I understand that, just as there is a Trinity of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit, that the Church has a conservative, liberal, and moderate sets of people.  For these  can not exist without the others Neither has a lock on Jesus. Neither can claim to have it all figured out.

My hope is that we will eventually surrender our perceptions over to the one true Father.  Otherwise we will continue to stay in our “camps” and continue to hate the enemy.  I do think that there is a better way than “right” or “left”. I believe also that those on both sides are missing the point and need to listen to Jesus coming through both sides too.

Here’s an example:

I really disliked John McCain during the debates, I though he acted like an idiot. He attacked his opponents,even those in his own party, making accusations that were not true. He wandered around the stage looking lost.  Not a man who I would like to have lead.

Then I read a quote from McCain, in the book “No More Jellyfish, Chickens, or Wimps” by Paul Coughlin, talking about courage and why a parent should teach about courage to their child:

“If children are taught that simply being honest or doing the best they can or appreciating what they have without complaint is considered by their society to be an act of courage, will they be more or less motivated to summon the real thing in a crucible?”

Where was that man during the debates?   Perhaps if this wisdom had shown through, then maybe I would have voted for him.  But politics can bring out the worst, not the best, in a person.

Then there is the “heretic” Brain McLaren, who most would not even take time to listen to.  But what if Mr. McLaren has something to say that sounds like a conservative christian?

“Live carefully. Sin is tricky. Thousands of sexual addicts and drug addicts will tell you that what seems like freedom can become a new kind of bondage.” – From “Adventures In Missing The Point” by McLaren and Tony Compolo.

How many liberals would admit that there is sin?  Not too many that I know.  First time I read that he said to live carefully, I wanted to burn the book!  I’ve heard too much “safe” talk from the conservative church.

Now this may be unfair comparing Mc Cain and McLaren, but the point I hope I have made is to not judge a person by his persona.  There is good in everyone, but we have to look past the “fronts” we put on and be clear on who we are.

I have been learning to listen to both conservative and liberal points of view.  Most would judge me to be moderate. OK. If that is what you perceive.

What I know that our Father is revealing to me is that HE created all of this. And HE will be the one to set things right again.  We just have to listen and do as He tells us through the Spirit of his son, Jesus. That is for those that follow Him.

There are many more people who are finding the pearls of wisdom that Jesus put into many of the individual hearts so that His Body would act as one.

I don’t claim to have this all figured out.  That is where I need to be with others who have some different insight and upbringing than myself.

I might even learn something from those “heathens” who don’t believe in God.

I leave you with something to think about:

Who is your “head” and do you know that “head”?




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