Running Away

16 06 2009

Today I feel like running away from my family.

There is major coughing, runny noses and general yuckiness.  And it’s only 7am.

I know as a follower of Jesus, I am to do the “dirty work” of the house when this happens, but I really don’t have to like this.  We have grown up in a society that thinks cleanliness is next to godliness. But what a bunch of bullshit that is.  Yeah!  I just made a refernce to the unclean world.

To top things off, the wife was not feeling well yesterday, and we were to start a Biggest Loser dvd workout program for the next few weeks.  I wanted to do this together because it will keep us honest about doing the workouts.  I don’t think that we will workout today, what with taking the wife to work, one child to basketball camp, and doing something with the other two girls, I might just be too tired at the end of the day.

Man, I do love my family, but I wish it could be easier to be “Superman” for my family.  Not the whiny “90’s version, but the one that was perfect.  But that is not possible, just a fantasy.

My selfish part is yelling out, “Run away!  Go to the coast by yourself for the day! You deserve it! You worked really hard at the school bus gig.  You’ve got time for yourself now!”

But NO!  This is the lie that everyone belives. You deserve the rest.  No one deserves it, rest is a natural response to good work.  Yes, I do need it, but it will come when those who need me today are able to do for others when they have recovered from the summer cold.

What I need to do is run to Father today and let Jesus run this body.

Ok, I’m sick of hearing a child cough.  I’m going to get her some medicine that will help her to cough better and make the frequency of the coughs less.

So, I’m not running away today.  Father, grant me the courage to keep going when I don’t wish to.



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