Learning About Community from Birds

11 06 2009

I was watching a flock of pigeons across the road in the neighbor’s drive.  They leave out bread for them to eat and I saw something that amazed me.

A crow was mixed in with the flock and stole some bread from another pigeon.  The crow took off and another pigeon started to chase after it.  The crow realized he was being followed and flew faster.  The other bird stopped chasing as soon as the thief was out of the area.  The pigeon returned to the flock and continued eating.

Now why did this intrigue me?  Because I saw something that was very natural, and organic in nature about how we are to be in Christ.

Someone may steal some of our bread but do we give chase and waste time getting back something that there is more of right before us?

Lately I’ve been asking God to show me how to be in community.  And now I realize that to be in community I need to just go outside the building, being a house or church building, and “eat” with the neighbors.

If someone steals some of my “bread”, such as my private time, then I don’t need to go and chase them, I need to be with them. Just as the crow was hanging out with the pigeons, but then he “stole” from the group.  Taking something that there was plenty of anyways.

I’ve lived a passive, watch the world go by life way too long.  Now is the time to start really loving my neighbor and not give into the idea that my neighbor wants to be left alone, unless they say “go away”.

Nothing on earth was meant to go it alone.  God created two of each creature. The earth can not survive without God’s care.  Humans tend to think we can go it alone.  This is wrong.

So, I hope my prayer of going back into the flock of the neighborhood will be answered.  Will I go back into an instutional church?  No, not unless they get rid of their buildings and start to trust Father completley and have Jesus be the head again.

That is hard to find in the man made world of churches that run as a business.

Back to the birds,  they don’t need to build anything, everything is provided for them.  Just as it is provided for us too.




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