Hannah Montana the Movie

23 05 2009

I saw the Hannah Montana movie today. Now what I expected was a movie that was to be a bit slap-sticky and make a mockery of the men.  The television show tended to do that the past few seasons.  But what happened was something beautiful.

The story revolves around how Mily has become too comericalized and has forgotten her roots.  Going back to her home town, tricked by her loving father to do it, makes her confront being an icon and helps her to understand who she really is.

This is not the slapstick junk, though funny, that the TV show is.  This is a heartfelt movie that , even a guy, can find meaning in.

Miley Cyrus is growing both as a singer and actor.  What I found to be the pinnacle of the movie is when Hannah Montana reveals who she is and sings this song.

How I wish that some guy would cover this song too.  But even coming from a young girl, it inspires something inside myself that longs to be doing a climb.

As she sings, it’s not what’s on the other side, it’s the climb.

That is part of the life we live.  Especially if we are following Jesus on that climb.  (You thought I’d not put anything about him, well tough luck.)

For our lives are a journey and there are mountains to climb.

As for the redeemed male characters in the movie, yeah there is a few jokes at men’s expense, but the characters are not dumb as most of the men have been portrayed on the tv series of HM.  There is great redemption, Billy Ray and even the brother get the chance to show how men really are to act, loving, caring, and even a bit rough.

The way that Billy Ray is with his daughter both on screen and off, is how I really hope I am with my own daughters.  In the ’80s, the dad I would have like to be like was Billy Cosby’s Cliff Huxtable, not the doctor part but the dad.  And I think that all dads should watch the HM movie and learn to be like Billy Ray.

Now go see Hannah Montana.  It’s in second run. Worth the price.



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