Where Am I?

11 05 2009

Have you ever felt that you were to be someplace and yet know that you didn’t have to be there?

That is what I felt most of the day yesterday.   I’ve not been to a “worship” service in many months now, and I really don’t miss it, but I have been trained to be in a church building on Sundays.

For years, I was always “serving” others by doing music, either in a choir or prasie band, or running the sound board.  Most of the time I’d blindly agree with what the pastor had to say, that is until I was guided a new direction by Father God.

Yesterday, I served a group of kids who don’t ride a bus usually and took them to outdoor school.  I was dreading “working” on Sunday, because I’ve always been told that there was to be no work on the Lord’s day.   So instead of enjoying the morning, I worried about getting to work on time and not really enjoy the time I spent driving in the countryside , out in the Columbia George area.

I guess I still need to detox a bit more from the old ways and really get more rest.  My plan this week is to not take any work on Sunday, for now.  I still feel that Sunday is a great day for family to take a break, not do any housework or chores like cleaning up bedrooms or putting away clothes, that is for Saturday morning.  I really do like the idea of just rest, weather it be sitting reading, sleeping or playing together as family and friends.

We need not go to church on Sunday to impress God, he made us and is already pleased with those who spend time with Him.

We need to continue to love God with all that we are, and not worry about appearances that make us look like idiots.

I’m really ready for the summer break too.




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