The Acts of the Apostles is a warning to all Christians

30 04 2009

I think we all may missed the point of Christianity all together.

As regular readers know, I claim to be a follower of Jesus, and most would say that I am then “Christian”.  But as I sat and read the Acts of the Apostles today, I am completely convinced that even they got it wrong.  They forgot who was the head of the church and what HIS Good News IS!

From the time the Holy Spirit came upon them, they preached Jesus Christ as Savior.  Now what is wrong with that.  Because that was not Jesus’ Gospel (Good News).

Jesus’ gospel was “God right here, right now”.   Otherwise know as The Kingdom of God  at hand. Just reach out and it’s there.  Living right in front of you, in that person you are looking at.  NOT JUST JESUS!  But all humans!

No where in the Acts do I find the apostles teaching that.  They keep pushing and calling God  “God”.  But Jesus would continue saying “Father”.  Yes they are right that Jesus can save you from your lack of seeing God.  That is how Jesus saves, by helping you rediscover the nature of God.

Here’s where I really don’t trust the Bible being the final word on anything, considering it seems that the Holy Spirit in the apostles was not preaching the same word as Jesus. Most of what it seems that the apostles preached quoted way too much of the Old Testament, and not enough of Jesus.

It’s time to put Jesus back into the position of leader, master.  Really do what he told us to do.  I am not a follower of Peter or Paul, and even though they say they follow Jesus, I think they were too full of themselves.

I really believe it’s time for all Christians to re think and turn back to the four Gospel accounts and focus through his vision, teaching and love for all.

Jesus realized that he, just like all humans, was made by a loving Father.  The apostles still act like the Jewish culture and secular worlds and adapted to them.   Not to say that they had some insight and there is some good advice in the letters, but when we use those letters to churches from another time, we may get the wrong message. It doesn’t help when we don’t know the background and read a very personal letter to someone else.  Yeah, I’ve gotten some good insight reading the letters, but when you pick and choose a line and take it out of context, YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE FULL STORY!

Jesus was radical because he proposed that all are equal in Father’s Kingdom and no one could be so wrong that God would not love them.

What I do think the apostles got correct is the living together and sharing all that you have.   Sounds crazy and a bit like “redistribute the wealth” but that is what I understand to be Jesus’ vision of a society at it’s best.

What I see the apostles also getting correct is a love for the Father. But they were too scared, from what I can tell, to call Him Father in public.

The apostle baptized in the name of Jesus, but Jesus said to baptize in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Sounds like they tried to make a short cut.  Just as we always do. But Jesus has taught me, from reading and understanding His Spirit, that God is always right there,  in all my moments.

The Acts are a warning, a sign, that we need to be cautious about speaking anything but Jesus’ message.    God’s world, right here, right now. (This is how we would understand it today.)  This is the same message as Jesus.

I feel like I’ve been baptized with fire today.

I would be cautious with believing in the apostles words.  Any one who turns to just preaching without physically taking care of the poor, children and widows scares me.   The early church chose to have teachers ONLY teach and not take care of others.  They were to do BOTH.

I take care of my three children, raising them to be good children and how to deal with others.  I also drive a school bus, mostly latch key kids and those who parents are divorced and are in need of guidance.   So I feel that I can do a little bit of judging here.  And yes, I know that I will be judged too.  Jesus did say that if you judge, you will be judged.    So Father forgive me if I am pointing out that  Christians have not followed Jesus, but the men who forgot who’s teachings were supposed to be taught.

Jesus could do it all and did.  We can too, if only we believe that HIS life is now taken over ours.

I trust Father and Jesus more than I trust the spirit of the apostles.

Perhaps this Holy Fire (Holy Spirit) that is burning in me today will be a brighter flame.  Perhaps I’m getting full of myself too.  But something surrounds me and says that what I am putting out here today is part of my being corrected by Father.

I hope that you can be corrected too.



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