Missing Family

29 04 2009

Today is my “downtime” between my runs for the school.  I leave my youngest in daycare, and my other girls are picked up by the same since they have half days at school on Wednesdays.

Today, I miss my youngest.  Yes, I got a really good break and got to rest without interuptions for lunch, play game, read ect.   But I miss her hugs today.

Since I have to get up before God, Monday through Friday, I don’t get to see my girls off to school.   I did that for 2 years and now I do miss that.

It seems a bit unfair that I am not at home in the mornings for my family.

My perpective is changing on what it means to love my family.  I’m looking at the world through better eyes, though my eyesight needs glasses on a daily basis.  No, I mean that I’m seeing through the eyes of a love that is beyond description.

I really do think and feel that good times are ahead of me and my family.  Our problems, with finace and what to do, are going to be conquerd and we will not be worried about things of the future.

I do miss the family when the house is empty like today.  I’m so used to the sounds of a child.

I thank Father God for this quiet today.  I realize that the tresure that I seek is in the noise and craziness that being a parent can bring.   Life alone in this world would be not good for me.

I’m thankful that I have those who love me and take care of me, so I can take care of them.  Full Circle.  Silence makes my heart love my family more.

There is the real family value.  Love.  Love values my family.



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