25 04 2009

Yesterday, I purchased the tickets for the reboot of Star Trek.

OMG!!!!!  I’m so excited!

Back before Star Trek V:  The Final Frontier, there was an attempt at doing this type of movie.  Well, back then the fans would not be accepting of other actors playing the beloved Kirk, Spock and McCoy.  But times have moved forward, I think, in part to the webseries Star Trek Phase II.  At one time called New Voyages, this fan based contiuation of TOS opened the door to other actors playing these icons.

Now if you didn’t like the last Next Generation movie, you may want to watch it again, since the Romulans and the Spock of that time line are linked to the story.

I have always been a fan of the “off” Trek movies.  Loved the remastered and new visuals of the first movie (TMP).  The Search For Spock is so much fun because we get to see Kirk really take on the Klingons and have to kill one hand to hand, first time we see how Klingons can really fight.  V: Final Frontier was a great story, production was lacking, thanks to Paramount’s effort to get the movie out too soon, Generations, the first NG movie really was a great passing of the torch and a fitting death, IMO for Kirk.

Nemesis is a great movie, if you just understand that it is what NG did best…tell the story!  Yeah First Contact had lots of action and the greatest of all the Trek villians, the Borg, and Issurrection was a bit slow, but you have the revenge of Khan in villianous clone of Picard.  The actor playing Shinzon really acted like a young Patrick Stewart and really did a great job.  Data gets killed but, according to the prequal comic to the new Star Trek, survives through B4.

What I like about this reboot, is that Star Trek will now be reachable for a whole new group of people.  All the adventures that we love are not affected by this, ALTERNATE TIME LINES ARE AWESOME!

We get to see many time line stories on the shows, think about the Mirror, Mirror universe, or the episode Parelles on NG, and they don’t change anything that has gone on before.

This will be so much fun.

If you haven’t listened to some of the music, they are using the TOS theme, but OH MAN!!!!  Finally, the theme done in such a way that it finally fits all those other movie themes!!!!!!


I will return to a more reality based post soon.



2 responses

25 04 2009
Gary Evans

Nice to see a ST fan who is so positive about all in the Trek universe!
Thanks for the nice statement about Phase II.

25 04 2009

I’m humbled that you read my post Gary.
Live long and Prosper.

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