Twas The Day After Easter

13 04 2009

Twas the day after Easter

and here I go again

Another poem that this time

Is harder to begin.

Yesterday was rainy and wet

A typical Oregon event.

I awoke Easter morning with a wild thought,

while dressing,

I would not be missing God’s blessing.

Just because I’m not going to church

He will not leave me in the lurch.

I realized that the world

All of it is  God’s

And Jesus died for His cause.

But he rose from the grave

An event I can not explain

Only to be crucified by those that claim

To follow him and then give Him pain

By claiming morals and right living

But still acting upon a  heart

That is not giving.

Easter has become a bit of a joke.  Like Christmas, it’s become a terrible bloke.

Candy, gum and ipods galore.  New outfits, egg hunts and lillies

What a bore!

Easter, I think, was a one time event.   It’s become to commercial

I’m not buying it.

We have to move beyond the good news of Jesus being back

Focus more on the part that we lack

How he lived his life before the Crucifixion

And less about benedictions

He said that his followers would do more than he

So why have we not let that be

Because we feel that we can’t be

The sons and daughters that He knew we could be

We have inherited the Kingdom and will do His good will.

We will live the Resurrection because of Him still

Walking around in his new human suits

That look like you, you beaut.

He is alive and living through us.

I am with Him and He is with me and will even be with me in a tree

So instead of looking for him in a  building

just search out those that are willing

to share life, and do as He said

Feeding the ewes,  the rams and the kids.

For the message of the Kingdom is true

And this message is not just for me

It is for you.



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