Beautiful Day

6 04 2009

Today is one of those days that you just don’t want to stay inside.

This morning, as I got to the bus yard, I realized that the sun was up.  There were no clouds to diffuse the light.  I looked towards the east and saw Mt. Hood, in silhouette with a wonderful orange red hew around it.

Took my breath way.  Or perhaps it was just the bus that was going a bit too fast up the hill to get out of the yard.

I drove out to my route on Hwy 30 and got to see Hood, St. Helen’s, and the tip of Rainer and remember why I love to drive this route so much.

The beauty of the landscape.

Now I’m attempting to do some laundry, but the outside world is beckoning me to come out and play.  So, after I have some food, I think I might just follow the call of the wild.

Perhaps being connected to the earth is a part of what it means to be a child of God.  We are supposed to be made of the earth, that is why some people call the earth their mother, and so when we separate ourselves from dirt and grime, we are separating ourselves from God.

For with the earth and humans we are bound to each other.  Perhaps that is what Jesus was saying when he said we are not of this world.  I think we are the world, to quote the song from the 80’s,  but we forget how everything is tied together.

Beauty has been said to be skin deep.  I think it is something better than that.  When we realize that we are all related by God’s creation, then we start to see the beauty of the spirit within us.  That part of God that wants to continue his creation and restoration of the whole Earth.

Heaven and Earth are full of God’s glory.

Now back to the sunny weather outside.  Running and playing in the sun.



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