Making All New

23 03 2009

I will get strait to the point today.

God is making all things new, including His church.  For many years the church took on an Institutional model, based on a government sponsored religion.   But many of my age, those that are in thier 20’s to 40’s are distrustful of any institutions, IE government and religious places, that God is making the church start over in a new old way.

Yet we have to remember that as we leave the institutions, we need to search out the wisdom of those that built many of them, for there are some good things that have come out of this version of the church.

But the one thing that I have learned in recent days, I’ve come to understand that people do not know who their King is.  They know OF Jesus, yet they don’t know him and what he is doing now.  People who are my age really don’t like being told what to do.  I know that I’m that way, but I am willing to listen for God, through the Bible stories and in the here and now.

We have preached a Gospel too long of accepting Jesus and waiting for his return.  This is a distortion of the Whole Truth of Jesus.  There is more to Him than just the old way of evangelical training.

Fundamentalism had it’s try and it is now dying, so that something new can grow from the soil.   You can read about it in works by Brain McLaren, Frank Viola, George Barna,  Shane Claiborne.   But you will see by whom have listened to God through these people.  But the best author of all is Jesus.

We need to go back to the stories of His work, between his birth and death.  Because we are no longer a Christmas or Easter people, but children of God.

We need to re- learn who the King of our individual lives is.   Do we claim to be the body of Christ, The Promised One, or are we still waiting for His return?   Are we going to continue to build temples of mass passivity?   Or are we going to make disciples of His Way.

This has happened before, and will happen again. We need  to let the dreamers of God’s work come forth and stand up for him.  You will not see these people on TV, or read their books, for they will be doing the work, not the teaching.  You can be inspired by the work they do, and be able to see the wonder of God because of  the author’s I mentioned. Those of us that are inspired by these writtings are putting the work back into the world. We are not only following Jesus’ instuctions in the New Testament but are listing for Father with our whole being.

I thank Father for people like Brian, Shane, and Frank, for through them God took away my blinders and showed me that the IC was good at a time, but it has forgotten it’s first love, Jesus.

I thank Father for the Methodist tradition who sent me to Walk To Emmaus, a program to get me to really start learning about Jesus, though this programs days are numbered too.   But Father can make it new again as a new vision of this comes about.

Another author that got me back on track was Paul Coughlin.  I thank Father for him as well, for he showed me the Jesus that I was not following.

I prayed to be one of those chosen to bring this change about.   I know it sounds selfish,  but I do believe I understand Jesus as the King who is also my brother, who doesn’t Lord that He is King over me, and who let’s me call him my Master and King.

But at the same time He came to serve me.  By teaching me to live the way of our Father.

I am a new creation.  So are you that believe in Jesus’ Way!

Thank you Father for second, third and fourth chances.  For you forgive our arrogance and mistakes.   Thank you Father for renewing  mind, heart and soul.



3 responses

23 03 2009
Dena Brehm

Good and brave thoughts, Steven! I like how you’re open to hearing Him afresh. He always finishes what He starts, and *none* of us can thwart His plans and purposes…! The news is truly good. He’s leading you, and knows where to go from here. Fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the journey!

Shalom, Dena

23 03 2009
Dena Brehm

Oh — and keep dreaming!


24 03 2009

Amen Steven! You are a new creation! What a great discovery that is.

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