Like a Child to enter the Kingdom Of God

20 03 2009

Jesus has said we must be like children to enter the kingdom of God/Heaven.

So here is what I have learned children are like today:

It’s ok to kill people in a video game, but not in real life.

It’s ok to call people bad names when they call you that name too.

It’s ok to make fun of hobos

It’s ok to throw papers at each other when the bus is going down the road.

It’s ok to be rude.

Now that I know how to be like a child, I can get into Heaven easily.

But I think this comes from children being exposed to the adult world. How many times do we adults tell kids not to do these things, and yet we do them all the time.

We enjoy killing people in war simulations on the Playstation and computer.

We take pleasure in insulting each other at the expense of our brother’s feelings

We tell the homeless, “get a job you slob.”

We throw things at people without thinking that our fun may really hurt someone or cause someone else to have an accident.

We tell off color jokes that might just come back and bite us in the ass.  (See,  even I get rude sometimes.)

What I have learned is that most adults, including myself are ready for the kingdom of God because we have not grown up yet.

And that Kingdom is at hand, near by but also being kept at a distance.

WE keep ourselves out of the Kingdom because we fear that it may all be true!   We fear that God will not let us live there until we have died.  Well, I know that I have been re born, but I’m still learning what it means to live in a Kingdom, and not a country, republic, democracy, or world as we know it.

There is so much more to learn and changing that I have to do, but I have come to this understanding……


I let the children lead and teach me everyday too.  I teach them and learn from them about forgiveness, patience, love, and fun.

For kids the things that I listed are fun for them.  And they are forgiven for those things, because they just don’t seem to fit my perspective of the Kingdom of God.  .  Just as we all are.  Forgiven.

It’s a good thing that God is forgiving and is helping us to change our ways.  With the Kingdom at hand, we can accesses it everyday!

Now you all are poopy heads and I throw a paper ball at you.



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