Watchmen works

7 03 2009

Last night I went and saw a movie that I have been waiting to happen for years.

WATCHMEN,  based on the comic book by Alan Moore, is fantastic.

I am a fanboy when it comes to the story, and for the small changes that were made, and a few of the charaters, namely the “people on the street” are missing from this version, the story still holds up.

I read some other reviews that say this is another sloppy attempt at making a comic book come to life.  Well, fanboy here says that Zach Synder hits the mark again.  Just like his version of “300” and the remake of “Dawn of  the Dead”,  he stays true to the original story but makes it accessable to everyone regardless if they are a fan of the story or not.

I know this to be true due to the fact I took a friend to see WATCHMEN that had no expectaions going into the movie.  I had told him for years about the story, even loaned him my copy of the collected version, but he wouldn’t read it. 

My friend Mike was enthralled with the movie and now is intrested in the other parts of the  story. 

Sometimes that is what a good movie adaptation does, gets people interested in the orginal story. 

Being the fanboy that I am about this story,   and if you are a fan of the graphic novel/comic book,  you will not be disapointed with this faithful adaptation. 

On March 26th, the rest of the story will be on DVD.  The feature film leaves out two beloved story lines,  the man trapped at sea and “Under The Mask”.   But these have been made into two short films that give us fans more. 

So if your a fanboy of the movie, there will be a director’s cut come July, hopefully released to the movie theatres, and it will be 3 hours and 10 min. 

The current run time is 2 and 35 mins.  

And remember this is an adaptation of another’s work.  It will never be the original story.  Enjoy this for what it is.

As for Zack Snyder,  he should keep doing these adaptations or remakes.  He knows how to handle the material.  Perhaps he should do next “Camelot 3000”  He would be the one to make it entertaining and true to the original.



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