Mistakes and retakes

3 03 2009

I scraped up my bus today.  I wasn’t thinking straight and ended up having to retrain tomorrow.  There were no students on board.  Thank God.

I will miss my morning run.  I feel very guilty.  I feel like I’m going to let the kids down by not being there.

This really is nothing thing, I’ve not had an accident that has caused injury to anyone.  Just scuff the paint on the bus.

What burns me up is that I know I’m not the only driver to ever do this, but for myself, I just want to be perfect in my driving. I guess I really just don’t want to loose a job, not when I know that I’ve done some good.

Just the other day, the principal of the school said to the safety department that I am the driver that is best for the group I drive.  Talk about living up to something.  This is his opinion and I feel like I let him down now with poor driving.  But that is what retrain time is about, a chance to retake and get better.

My job is not on the line, yet.   I do get points taken off of my employment and after so many, I can be let go.  No where near that yet, but I guess I just need to not worry.  I am a good driver, and good man.

What this rant really is about is the fact that I don’t like to make mistakes.  Who does?   But I’m still a first year driver and I’ve been driving a bigger bus than what I orginally trained on.  Been driving this bus for one month, and I think that it is good that I have not had any accidents with other drivers on the roads.  I just need to look out for those things that don’t move.  I hit a pole at the school.  I’ve seen it every day, and today I really did not miss it.   The goal is to miss it,  but I got too close and scraped paint off the bus.

I hope that you, constant reader, can learn from your mistakes and not do them again.

I need to remember to treat my bus like my own car.  I don’t want dings, scratches or have an accident with the family car so I need to do the same with the bus.

My mistake today was not keeping a cushon around the bus.   I’ll retrain for an hour or two and then be back in the swing of things.

Time for bed.  Rest is what I will need, so I can face myself again tomorrow.

Good night



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