Teachers work free?

19 02 2009

The Governor of Oregon is out of touch with reality.

Now I have supported Dems in the past, but the idea of teachers doing their job,  and not getting something in return is crazy. 

Here’s what I suggest:

Governor:  Do more than survive on min wage for one week, try it for a year.  Sell your home at 200% less than the value it is, and ask law enforcement to work for free for a year.

Now you see the gov would never do that.  He would be to scared to do it.

Why is it always the working person who is barely making it have to make the biggest sacrifice?

I think it’s a stupid idea.  Not even a Klingon would let someone starve, unless it brought the person glory.

Here’s where I trust the words of Jesus more than a government official who says he follows Him.

Jesus once said that  you need not worry about food, clothing and shelter.   I think that is right, God will provide, but when idots who don’t get that we are all in this together and want those that have less to sacrifce more….well, that is wrong.



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