Twas’ the day before Valentine’s

13 02 2009

Twas Friday the 13th

And all around the town

Crazy displays that are about love

Are abound.

Now on this day, the thriteenth,

we think of Jason and axes

But come tomorrow we will think of love and not taxes


But why do we celebrate love only once a year.

And why is this holiday held so dear.


Just as with Christmas, I must protest

That all this holiday is about

Is just to spend to excess.


What we really should do, instead of jewelry, flowers and gifts

Is to value your family and spend time, that would be bliss.


For those of you single, listen to this.


Love is not about the sex that you have

Or trying to impress someone into holding your hand

It’s about the God that is real

The one that forgives you

And makes sure you have a meal.


Show your love for mankind and the earth

By taking time to be with your ilk.

For that stranger that is out in the cold

Or for the significant other who is feeling un-bold

Show them what love really can do

By taking them in

Seeing them through


By serving a person out of the love

that comes from knowing the one from above.


You find that you don’t need to get a lovey dovey card.

You will be that dove, a loving bard.


So resist the temptation to go to the store today

And purchase things that will be thrown away.

Stay away from those tempting sweets

And chew on your lover’s neck instead, for the next week.


For love is of God, and that is what He is.


Say “I love you” everyday this year,

 and don’t forget when you say it

That God gives a big cheer.

For love is what the world is supposed to be. 

To make sure that HIS love is given freely.



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