My Birthday at Tony’s

8 02 2009

Yesterday I turned 41 years young.   Now I’m the type of guy who doesn’t really need more “stuff” in the house, in fact I’m getting rid of the things I don’t  use anymore to make more room for God in my life.   I will  remember this birthday for the rest of my life.  I didn’t want any “gift” items that would sit around collecting dust after a few days.  I received something even better.  A night out, without the daughters, and to remember what it means to be in love with my wife.

I grew up not knowing a lot of the rock and roll music of  late 1970’s and early 80’s.  My dad’s car radio was always locked into the “Music of Your Life” Station that played big band jazz, and the great crooners of my dad’s generation. When I was learning to play drums and piano, I was taught how to swing before I could rock and/or roll.   My music heros were people like Count Basie, Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, and Benny Goodman.   So I was a kid of the 80’s stuck in the 50’s and 60’s.

A few weeks ago, on KGW Northwest News Channel 8’s Live at 7,  I saw a segment featuring a supper club called Tony Starlight’s,  a throw back to the show clubs of the past.   It reminded me of the club that Ricky Ricardo has on “I Love Lucy”.  I  told my wife that I wanted to go there sometime.   Kathleen made reservations for last night to celebrate my birthday.

My wife put on her black velvet dress, looking very stunning,  I put on a collar shirt, tie and sweater and went out for a night on the town at Tony Starlight’s.

We walked in an were greeted, shown to our table and got a chance to look at the club.  The place is decorated with framed sheet music of the swing era.  There are pictures of Fred Astaire,  Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, and many more.  The atmosphere is friendly, and for me being there with my wife, very romantic.    Light live piano music was played before the owner/performer of the club stepped onto the stage.

First impression of Tony:  FUN! 

His presence on the stage makes the music of the era fresh and alive.  I have experienced people trying to understand and sing the music of  bygone times and miss telling the story.  Not Tony.  He gets it right every single moment.   Becoming the artist who sang the songs, his impressions are on the mark. 

From covers of songs to parodies of them, like “I’ve Got to Eat Meat” ( I’ve Gotta Be Me),  Tony and his trio of piano, bass and drums brings the past into the here and now.   He even throws “Schoolhouse Rock” (he did the pronoun song) in for good measure.    At one point, and forgive me for not remembering what the song was ,  he put part of the theme from the original Star Trek TV series.  (I had worn my Star Trek Ships of the Line tie so I really had a good laugh at that.)

Tony is very personable, makes you feel right at home.  Even goes so far to mention the birthday people and includes them in the fun.  Yes, he got me too.  I loved every moment of the attention that was paid to me.  

As for the food.   WOW!!! 

Maybe it was the atmosphere of the joint, but I have never had meatloaf that good except for my wife’s cooking.  The meatloaf was wrapped in bacon.  Delicious!   I don’t drink alcohol very often but had a very wonderful Berry Lemonade that was very tasty and complemented the meal.

I recommend Tony Starlight’s  for a good time, and you don’t need to buy dinner, for the two of us and the show was $80.00, but well worth it.  There is a $10.00 cover charge, but you will want to give his place more.  The staff are wonderful.  

Tony Starlight’s Supper Club is located at, as he puts it in his theme song, “the gateway to the Hollywood District” in Portland, Oregon.

For complete info, prices and directions go to:

Make sure to click on the video and audio samples. 

Thanks Tony for a birthday I won’t forget. Thanks to my wonderful, supportive and loving wife who is always there for me.  And Thanks to God the Father for talented people like Tony, who bring the past alive and make it fresh and new everyday.




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