Stupidity could get rid of the National Debt

30 01 2009

Got your attention huh? 

I am a fan of Keith Olberman and Countdown, I really like his “World’s Worst”  pointing out people’s mistakes, mostly Conservatives, but he has even called himself when he has been wrong.

Today while I was listening to the past 4 days of  W.W.,  and hearing the stupid remarks by conservatives,  a great idea came to me…

For every stupid comment we ALL make, and we know them when we hear them, we should put a penny in a jar.  I figure that we say stupid things that don’t adhere to any of God’s point of view, saying these things at least 20 times a day.  With in a day, this entire nation could pay off  a huge chunk of the debt.

I think I will start to watch what I say.  I might disagree with you and I need to keep all my pennies right now for rent.

So America, keep being stupid, get out your pennies and start to save the American economy!  

This was so stupid that I’m gonna search the couch and chairs for pennies and put them in a jar. 

 Just doing my part.



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