Obama In Charge

20 01 2009

I was lucky today to get a substitute bus to drive that had a radio that works so I could hear President Obama’s speech.   I drive a school bus for Portland Public Schools and my regular bus was in for monthly maintenance.

There was so much hope in his voice.  After 8 years of the kind of politics that really are not good for anyone, I do feel the hope of this transition.  I wish President Bush a long and happy life outside of the government.

During President Obama’s speech, I heard many things that were good, but the line that sticks out in my mind, heart, and soul was about  the open hand, to all countries and that all these other countries need to do is unclench their fist.

I understand that a lot  of Conservative people, religious and otherwise, will fear what President Obama will do in office.  But I think he will be the first of a new kind of President.   One that really cares about ALL the people and not just the privileged few.    One that will go to the Middle East with arms open and not telling them what to do, but to ask what we can do for the other’s country.  President Obama, IMO, has a better view and vision of what the world can and will be. 

Let’s all get on with his plan of serving each other.  Let’s quit working for the paycheck and start working for the people.  You get paid anyways for the job you have, don’t do it for the pay. 

  For my part, I am doing a service job, driving a public school bus.  I get to teach kids social skills, and lessons on how to get along with those that they don’t like.   I will make sure to keep myself as healthy as possible, as so I can do the work, no matter what that work will be.   I will love each and every person I meet.   That includes those who’s opinions and traditions are different from mine. 

 I will learn from all of the people I meet and not attempt to “convert” anyone to any religion, but to show how the teachings of Jesus overlap in all of the world. 

 I will not fear what is to come, or what will happen to me when my body finally wears out or is damaged beyond repair.  I will tell of the good news that God is right here, right now as Jesus did when he said that God’s Kingdom was at hand.

I will serve people.   No matter who the person is.  For in that person is  the spirit of Jesus.



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