Trek Wars

16 01 2009

Now just from this blog’s name, you can tell that I like Star Trek.  But I am also a Star Wars person. 

During the Snowpocolyps in Portland, my girls, ages 9,6 and 3 wanted to watch the Star Wars Saga.  I am proud of them.  My eldest, Suzy really is getting into the ideas surrounding The Force.    It has given me the opportunity to teach about God, and how we are like the meticlorians and are connected together.  

I find this type of thinking more in line with what Jesus was teaching, and what the Jedi were all about.   The Jedi vision was close to Jesus’ ideals, but just like what has happened to Jesus’ vision in our world, the Jedi’s way of life was corupted by the Empire and the Sith. 

Thanks to Luke for turning from the dark side and bringing his father back from there too.  And the Jedi ways were restored to the galaxy.

Now I have to get these girls interested in Star Trek, what with a new movie coming out in May. 

I have always felt that Star Trek, in all it’s forms, are great parables to what is happening in the world right now.  The stories, especially the original series and Deep Space Nine have a timeless quality. 

Just as Star Wars has a timeless story too, Trek can help us to understand humanity.   And perhaps about that part of us that is of God.    I always liked Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.  Although the production value was poor, and William Shatner didn’t get to put his whole vision into it, the story was classic Trek, dealing with a madman’s vision (who happend to be Spock’s brother)  who thought that God was at the center of the universe.   After the Enterprise has gotten through the great barrier, Kirk, Spock, his brother, and McCoy encounter “God”. 

Turns out to be an alien who has been trapped on the planet at the center of the universe.   In classic Trek fashion, the alien is blown up and the crew escapes. 

The story revolves around the main big three, Kirk, Spock and McCoy and how their friendship is more like  a family than they realized. 

Also, Kirk makes a great comment at the end of the movie when Spock and McCoy are ponering if God is out there.  ” Perhaps he’s in here (Kirk points to his chest)  The human heart”.

Here’s something that Kirk get right.  Jesus was about making sure that God and humans were working together.   So God’s heart becomes our heart.  

Star Trek V was a box office flop compared to the others that were very much war stories. 

Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future, of a group of people that wanted to explore the galaxy in peace is a vision that I would love to see happen in my life time. 

But I think more people would like to have the world and galaxy be like Star Wars and that we would be able to destroy all the evil.   Yet, evil still exsists in the Star Wars Universe, thanks to people who have the vision to write more stories that take place over 100 years before and after the original saga.

On YouTube there are many mashups of StarWars Vs. Star Trek.   Just put the phrase in the search there and you will have hours of fun. 

So back to my girls and thier new found love of Star Wars.  I hope that they have learned from the movies about how to love each other, be willing to make sacrifices,  and know that “It’s just a movie.” 

In a world where the understanding of the Bible and the Hebrew vision of Jesus has been shifted to fit more of a Star Wars Universe (The Republic is like the Roman Empire) and I think Jesus’ vision was more like Star Trek. 

But even these pale to what God is doing with both.  And what he is doing right now with us and through us. 

May the Force Be With You (and HE is).   So let’s all boldly go where no man, no one, has gone before.



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