End of Vacation

4 01 2009

Today marks the end of the Winter break for school age children and schools.  My eldest invited a friend over for a sleepover to help celebrate her birthday, which is actually Tuesday, the day my girls go back to school. 

My wife is feeling a bit blue over this time, and I understand those feelings.

I was always a mixed bag when it came to going back to school.  I was one of those kids who really did like parts of the school day mostly the music classes,  and really didn’t like having two weeks off in December.  

Vacations when I was growing up meant that we would have some fun, do things that weren’t the usual daily tasks, and get to go out of town, except at Christmas time.

  I remember coming home from the Thanksgiving weekends  that we spent at my aunt’s house in Bend.   My parents didn’t make the journey back home very fun.   There was a feeling of dispare, sadness, and lack of energy as we drove home. There were feelings of dread that the closeness of the family was about to be taken away again.     Only when we went away from the house and spent time together did I feel that we were a family.  

That is why I never wanted to go home.  That is why I never wanted vacation time away from the house to end.  There was a hole that appeared every time.   Eventually my parents got a divorice after I became 18, but that is another story.

   Christmas/Winter break was not very joyous and as a teen I  faked happiness during the season.   I felt ignored due to all the getting ready for Christmas eve worship. I had to find ways to entertain myself or do something with our live in grandmother.  The highlight of my vacation time was decorating the house and opening presents on Christmas day. 

This past year ended up being a snowed-in Christmas.  Some new traditions started in my family.  We sang songs around the piano, both Christmas and other songs.  We played some board games, which I really am not a fan of, but enjoyed all the same.   This is a good memory to have, and that can be done again tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, my wife and I head back to our work outside the house.  Her as a computer lab asstaint at a school, me, a bus driver in another district. 

The girls get to be in child care for a few hours in the morning and then again in the afternoon.    The schedual falls back into place on Tuesday, when the two older girls head back to school.

A new year, but still the same old routine.      

But, with  vacation ending, there is a new beginning…  a fresh start… something to look forward to doing.  And there will be more time off come springtime and then in summer.  

Time to put the past behind and make new memories that will make me love my family more and keep me living in the here and now.   Leave the things that didn’t work, or made us upset and let that memory die, not give it anymore life.   

For if you live in your head only, you miss out on the good things in life. 

I have a child wanting my attention.  She is bored and wants to do something.  Time to discover what it is, and how to make this a good memory that will last and put me in a good mood when I get down.




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