A New Kind of Conservative Christian?

3 01 2009

Today, my email  inbox had announcements of people who are now following me on Twitter.  What is odd to me is that the people who want to follow what I have to say, are proud to claim that they are conservative.  Either Christian, political, and fiscal.  But I don’t see myself that way.  I have gone from the “far right” to the “far left” and now I’m somewhere that can’t be called the middle.  It is something far different.  It’s Jesus’ Way.

Why would someone want to follow me, unless God has done something to make them want to learn a bit about what He has shown me and vise versa?

Could it be that the the term “conservative”  is changing in this world?  Are the old ways of conservatism disappearing and a new form is taking place?  One that puts God in charge, and not Christianity

Here is what I believe about Jesus. (Call this a creed, if you wish.)  His way is the way to live.  He shows us how to live here and now, not in the sweet by and by.  I have doubts that Jesus is God, but he is the son of God and the son of Man.   I believe that by behaving like Jesus, pointing out to those that claim to know the rules of God and showing them that keeping rules doesn’t always mean life.  By learning to be like Jesus, his way of life  changes lives.

I don’t believe that Jesus wanted us to worship him, but to turn back and worship God with HOW we live.  Put God in charge of you, and not to worry about things.  To live life, figure out what it means to be brothers, sisters and friends.    I believe that we are to live in community, person to person, and take care of each other, no matter what your skin tone, religion, or political view.  We have been looking for a leader that will take us out of the dark ways and into the light.  Jesus is the leader that we have wanted, but the church has shown us a leader that only leads “sheep”.   

I believe that once you learn to see the world as Jesus did while he walked on the earth, that you understand how everyone is connected, even those who would say God doesn’t exists.    I don’t believe in the Apostle’s creed anymore, because it leaves out too much of the mission of Jesus, and replaces the mission with just accepting Jesus as lord, and savior. 

Many Conservative Christians I’ve encountered love to quote the Bible, but when I quote Jesus to them,  I get an earful about how I don’t know THEIR Bible.    This is where I really get ticked off at my brothers and sisters who claim to have a lock on God.   God can never be locked up and the word can never live if you are not open to hearing God outside the pages of a book.   

So does this point of view make me a conservative?  When it comes to Jesus being the way, the truth, and the life?  You ‘betcha. 

But if I’m to be true to Jesus’ view, then I really have to look at HOW I live, right here, right now, too.   For Christianity has only been around for only 2,000 years, and we have gone of track, thanks to Roman Culture.   Each society has adapted Jesus’ teachings to fit their culture. Instead of living like Jesus did, we make Jesus live the way we do.   Speaking a truth that is unwilling to change for His sake.  But as Pilate said “What is truth?”    Good question.  I don’t think that the answer is permanent.

I do believethat those that really speak God’s truth, will end up being killed, but thier names will be remembered for all time.  Martin Luther King, Jr.  comes to mind.

There is something that speaks to me from both sides of the older forms of Christianity.  The history of where we have come from, to where we are going,  has been filled with tons of fear.   Even now, at the start of 2009, people are still fearful of what will come if  we don’t “kill the evil” that is out there in the world.   The liberal side says, “Live and Let Live”.  Both sides fear the other.  But what if we really understood that both views have merit.  What if we kill the fear in yourself and are willing to die a violent death, just as Jesus did, for the sake of others?  What do we have to fear? 

Jesus said to “Fear Not”.  The angels said to “Fear Not”.  

When I fear what may come, I end up being angry, and that anger can lead to suffering for myself and my family.  Yoda was right about that. 

So what does it mean any more to be conservative?   Is the world so “black and white” that that we are unable to see that the enemy should be loved?  So many conservatives have hurt people by saying Jesus is the ONLY way.    Have left people out.  Jesus didn’t do that.  He included everyone. 


Jesus shows us a new way to live, a way to united both sinner and saint.

Conservative Christianity says that the cross is a bridge to God.  I think that is correct, but it’s what was on the cross, why Jesus was put there that makes the symbol of the cross a way to re-connect with God. 

God speaks truth through everything that He chooses.   Even from those who are perceivedby conservative Christians to not be saved.  I’ve learned things from deists,  Muslims, Jews (considering that Jesus is not a Christian) and even from atheists.   Why do you think I like Star Trek?  

So label me a new conservative or a liberal or even a moderate.  That doesn’t matter to me.  I don’t think it matters to God.  What matters is that we learn from each other and let a new way of life, that was given to us over 2,000 years ago,  through the example of Jesus.  Turning back to God and let him take control of our lives.   Not as a slave driver, but as a loving Father who wants the best for his children. 

For more examples of how Christianity has done harm to Jesus’ mission and message, read “UnChristian:  What A New Generation Really thinks About Christianity, And Why It Matters”  by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons.




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