Following Where Others Have Gone Before, Part III

2 01 2009

So far you have read what happened to me as I discovered that the church works for some, and not for those who have decided that following Jesus is more important than institutions.

Now what do I do?  I left the IC 40 days ago.  Yes, today marks the 40thday that I decided to not be part of a group that meets all the time at the clubhouse.  And I feel freed from the doctrines, the churchianity christianity, and …..friendships.

As I wrote in Part II,  I have two good friends who are sticking by my side that are following me outside the walls of the church.  But I do miss some of the people I saw every week.  But God will put me with those that He wants me to be with.  As long as I seek them out.

Yes, I do feel a bit lonely, but I have found some like minded people at a site called “Simple Church”.  The people there are like me, people who have left the traditional institutional church and are exploring what it means to live in the world and not be of the world.

I have found some communities in the Portland Oregon area that are being IN community by living in the same homes or near each other.  But I’m still not part of any of that kind of group, yet.  What I would love to do, and hope that this is part of what God plans, is to find others who have a lot of credit card debt, and we live together to help pay off each others debts.  Crazy I know, but Jesus was called crazy by his blood kin, too.

Part of this journey has been very hard, having to clear the path just to get to Jesus.  Uncovering that he was very human, never claimed to be God,  and showing me that I was under the illusion of living in the IC.  

I have learned to forgive the IC for what it didn’t do for the least of  everyone.  I’ve learned how to forgive myself for believing that God lived only in the church.  And I have felt God’s grace as he has welcomed this prodigal back into his home. 

God, MY Father, never left me though all of these things.  He is your Father too.   I don’t understand WHY this type of relationship works for me but it does.   Will it work for you?  That is what this journey I’m on is about.

God has inspired me to write songs that will appeal to a man’s heart.   More about the adventure, surrender, and freedom that comes from living in God’s world, and not one of your making.  I’ve come to understand that God lives in you, and that your sin is no longer a concern for him.  I’ve come to understand that  I could be wrong about everything, but know that what ever I do, where ever I go, I am to be a light to all I meet.

Guys, I had a hard time accepting that I needed to surrender to God.  That is something that most guys don’t want to do.  But I’m here to say that it is very good to do.  Yes, you will slip from time to time, but God is there to say,”How’s that working out for you?”.  

Others have been here and have boldly gone before us.

Will you follow Jesus and me on this journey?

I will post some books that I listed  in part II on this blog too.

If you have questions, please leave a comment and I will get to you and help guide you.  

I found this path a bit difficult without another to guide me, only God got me though this.   I would like to help you too.



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