“Twas The Day Before Christmas

24 12 2008

Twas the day before Christmas

And all through the town

The street had been plowed

The stores not shut down

 But our driveway was full

With fresh fallen snow

Expecting another 4  inches to grow.


I grabbed the shovel at 6:30am

Knowing that this snow storm will come to an end.

Cabin fever hitting hard

Think that I may finally be going bizarre.


 I’m feeling restlestss  and developing a cold

I just saw my nose running and I’m feeling old.

But as I was shoveling, I beheld a great sight.

A break in the clouds,  a star shining bright.


Could this have been what was seen long ago?

A star hovering over a place in the snow?

The peace of the moment gave me some pause.

Then I turned around, looked back at my car.


It was parked in the garage, all safe and snug

Saying that it  really needed  to be loved

I opened the door and got inside

Thought I would go out and take it a ride.

Problem though, is the chains won’t stay on

Haven’t  been used, were way too far gone.

But, I’m proud to say, I got the car turned around,

It now faces forward, ready to go

When the time comes to have it’s day in the snow.


So I have to say, and with a bit of protest

Christmas snow is really the best!

But when it causes us to be homebound for days

You really start to understand God’s ways.


For we are never meant to be stuck indoors

Reading emails, blogs and cleaning the floors.

 Some times we just need to remember to play.

And I hope that you enjoy the snowy holiday.


And while you are unable to get to the store

Remember that you and your friends mean so much more

For the presents you buy for each other are fleeting

And  they will be thrown aside, not even worth keeping


For Christmas should not be about presents or gifts

But about Jesus, HIS life and what God gives.

Not just about His birth, and the nativity story

But includes all that He’s done and that his life was not folly.


What it means to be family, friends or brothers

That Jesus came to show all, not just “others”

A life that’s worth living, something much more

Than happiness that can be bought at a store


And I hear my self exclaim as I stop writing this blog

Merry Christmas to all,


Now to sleep like a log!



One response

24 12 2008

Very clever!! Good stuff – thanks for sharing!!

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