Snowbound…and loving it?

23 12 2008

Well, here I am, stuck in the house!  Chains fit, but the buggies broke.  Bus that runs outside of the house is not running, and I have had to shovel snow.   I live in Portland Oregon and was born in 1968.  There has not been a snow storm since the year I was born.    So much for global warming.  Naw, just kidding. 

I have to admit that I have gone a bit stir crazy and have had cabin fever.   I did get out for a short walk, but my shoes got too wet.   I had to dig out the driveway and a path to the neighbor’s house so we could have access to each other in case of an emergency.

My eldest daughter had prayed for snow for Christmas.  Shows how powerful prayer can be. 

I’m a bit whimpy when it comes to ice and snow.  But there is something really beautiful about a snow that comes just a few days before Christmas.  When the world has been covered over and there is just this field of white.  I haven’t seen the roads, grass and sidewalk for a week now and I see the beauty of the land, clean and fresh.  A bit like a clean piece of paper that is to be written on.

But today, as I walked outside and saw my footprints, I realized how much man, and woman, are a part of God’s world   Just like my footprints, I will too fade unless I really do what God is wanting me to do. 

What does God want me to do?  Be more dependent on Him and those around me. 

Being snowbound I’ve had to learn that I’ve been too dependent on machines than on my own horsepower.  I have had to learn that just because the fridge is empty ( that means no milk or big things sitting in there) and there is no food on the shelf ( that means one box of All-Bran two cans of beats and a loaf of stepped on bread) that doesn’t mean there is nothing to eat.  There is always a way to make a piece of bread into a meal.  I’ve depended too much on insta-food and quick snacks.  Some of the best food I’ve eaten this week took time to make.

My wife makes some great home made soups, pasta dishes, and I’m looking forward to a Christmas Chicken dinner.  Not the traditional ham or turkey. 

I have had to learn to control my temper, I really get upset when I have to break up an argument with the girls while I’m doing something like blogging ,  and this skill is getting somewhat better.   Sometimes I focus too much on myself, and not enough on what the kids need from me at the moment.

I’ve learned that “Ernest Saves Christmas” could be considered a prequalto “The Santa Clause”.  I’ve learned that 20 year old movies can be a way to share my past Christmases with my girls.   I’ve learned that playing Christmas songs on the piano can be a great way to spend time with family while we all sing carols. 

I’ve learned that it is better to not force the Spirit, but to let it come naturally.  Let the moment happen, and be in the moment. 

So do I really love being snowbound?  With the tension of trying to make the perfect Christmas like in the movie “Christmas Vacation” or “Christmas with the Kranks”,  and NOT being able to “do the season”, I think I’d rather be snowbound and start new traditons that include thanking God for the snow.   For the snow quiets the outside world.  The world, at least here in Portland, had to slow down.   Indoors, it’s been loud, disorganized, and even a bit hectic.  The floors are full of toys and paper drawings.  The dishes pile up, though this is a daily thing, it seems that the messes make me more on edge when I can’t escape them by going out to a movie.  Three girls tend to make BIG messes. 

But I’m even thankful for that.  Even though I dislike messes, it shows that we are living.   Outside it is clean and pristine, until we walk all over it. Messes can be cleaned up.  Our footprints will disapear as the snow melts.  But the memories of the season will last as long as we can remember them.

Merry Christmas, and may you slow down and enjoy these snowbound days.



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